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Untreated sexually transmitted infections STIs can lead to potentially serious health problems. Anal sex requires a bit of extra preparationbut other than that, it's just another sex act. Is it safe to have anal sex without wife sucks dildo condom? This isn't to say that everyone who likes roller coasters will also like anal sex. You might bleed a little.

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Anal sex with

Anal Sex Safety: Everything You Need to Know

You can check out our Ultimate Anal Sex Guide for even more tips. So do whatever works for you to get yourself feeling fantastic. Finally, since your anal sphincter is a muscle built to keep things in, if you routinely insert large objects through it, it can hardcore mature milf stretched. Or not!

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Anal sex with
Anal sex with
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Is Anal Sex Safe? Key Rules to Follow

Download Flo Now. Anna Breslaw Writer. Download Flo App. Once you're past that and up to the shaft, it'll feel a little better. So the risk of catching an STI is actually higher with anal sex than vaginal sex.

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Anal sex with
Anal sex with
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